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2015 Kilimanjaro Expedition Fundraiser

Join the Climb for Cancer Fundraising Team      
Kilimanjaro from Afar

We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic people to join our Climb for Cancer Fundraising Team. Click here to see the list of current participants. Your help is vitally important to all people. Cancer affects everyone: moms, dads, children, and grandparents. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. Men, women, people of all races and the young and old get cancer. That’s why it takes all of us working together to find a cure.

Join those with a thirst for adventure and a desire to give back as they ascend Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. Crowned by eternal snows, the mighty Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing volcano in the world and dominates its landscape unlike any other mountain.

This extinct volcano stands at 19,340 feet, looming over five ecosystems and large game preserves. The ascent up this great peak is non-technical, yet it provides a full mountaineering experience, with all its rigors and rewards, for those in good physical condition. Reaching the summit is an achievable goal for those without climbing, mountaineering, or high-altitude experience.

About the Expeditions

By joining our Expeditions, Climb for Cancer Team Members will be afforded the opportunity to climb with the world-renowned guide service, Alpine Ascents International. Their success rate on Kilimanjaro and mountains throughout the world is exceptional. Alpine Ascents’ safety record stands as the finest in the guiding industry. Their mission is to offer climbers of all abilities the opportunity to achieve personal goals through challenging, but safe and enjoyable expeditions. Leading cohesive groups is fundamental to this philosophy. It was on Mt. Everest that Alpine Ascents’ success and reputation began. Today, they lead expeditions to over twenty-five peaks around the world.

The Team will ascend Kilimanjaro via the less-traveled Machame route. Climbing the Machame route is of great importance to those wishing to fully experience Africa’s vast wilderness. This highly unique path offers climbers excellent exposure to the area’s remote and pristine environments. The Team will climb through rapidly changing habitats, as the ascent unveils stunning views of east Africa’s mountains and plains.

Ngorongoro Crater

Friends and family will be able to follow your journey through Alpine Ascent’s cybercasts.

After the exhilarating climb, the Team will enjoy a three-day safari in Tanzania's famed National Parks.

Fitness and Training

Kilimanjaro is a non-technical, high-altitude climb that uses porter support; however, it does demand strength and endurance. Mountain climbing is a team effort, which requires individuals to rely on their teammates for safety, encouragement, and success. Strong individuals create an even stronger team, so part of your commitment is to train appropriately. Once registered, Alpine Ascents will help in training suggestions. Information will be provided to guide Team Members through an appropriate training regimen, but each Team Member is responsible for his or her physical conditioning.

How you can participate

In exchange for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, each Team Member commits to raising the designated fundraising minimum to help support the Climb for Cancer Foundation’s mission. The previous Team Members have all met or exceeded their fundraising minimum and all Team Members stood on the summit of Kilimanjaro, and have raised over $100,000 for the Foundation.

Participants must register with the Climb for Cancer Foundation and Alpine Ascents, and pay a registration fee. This registration fee holds your place on an Alpine Ascents team. Now it is easier than ever to raise money with online tools that help you send e-mails and allow friends and family to make their gift online. Once registered, Team Members will receive fundraising materials, ideas, and strategies, and will have access to a personal participant center where you can customize your personal page. Then you can send an e-mail to your friends and family asking for their support.

Your personal participant center is an invaluable tool that will allow you to recruit team members and supporters, track your progress, and maintain contact with them. You should bookmark that page and visit often. Not every member of your team has to climb; some team members can do the hard part instead fundraise! These Virtual Team Members will have access to the same online fundraising tools as you.

Minimum Fundraising Goals and Deadlines

The registration fee is $700 and is due upon registration with the Climb for Cancer Foundation. The minimum fundraising goal for each Team Member is $10,000, $5000 of which goes toward the cost of the Expedition and the remaining $5000 or more goes to the Foundation. The $700 registration fee is applied to the $10,000 minimum fundraising goal.

Team Members who have not raised the fundraising minimum by the deadlines below will be required to guaranty the balance with a major credit card. If the fundraising minimum is achieved, all credit card charges will be refunded after the Expedition.


$700 Registration Fee
Six (6) months prior to departure date
Three (3) months prior to departure date
$5000 Remaining Fundraising Minimum
One (1) month prior to departure date

Included Expenses:

  • Transportation and lodging in Africa 
  • Meals
  • Group climbing gear
  • Required permits and fees 
  • Three-day Safari

Excluded Expenses:

  • International airfare to Tanzania or Kenya
  • Tanzanian or Kenyan Visas
  • Lodging and meals outside listed itinerary
  • Any excess baggage charges and airport taxes
  • Single room accommodations ($350)
  • Tip and gratuities for guides and others (+/- $300)
  • Personal climbing gear and apparel

Cancellation Policy

Due to the costs associated with this Expedition, the Foundation must follow a strict cancellation policy. The $700 registration fee cannot be refunded. If a Team Member cancels at any point between 6 months and 3 months prior to departure date, the Foundation will keep all donations received. If a Team Member cancels between 3 months prior to the departure date and the departure date, the Foundation will keep all donations received, including any funds charged to the Team Member’s credit card. 


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